Car wreck and pile of trash at the parking lot under the railway overpass near Kannelmäki train station Helsinki 2019
Pub heinähattu Helsinki 2019. Someone from another table shouts at me: Hey don't take any pictures here!
Man wearing Timo Jutila themed beer backage as a mask while celebrating Finland being the ice hockey world champion. Helsinki kauppatori 2019
Waiting a late train at Hesburger. Helsinki Railway Station 2019
Abadoned skates on a winter night somewhere in Kallio. Lots of walking that day. Helsinki 2019
Folded picture of a woman at back of tram number nine on a rainy day Helsinki 2019
Ruptured election flyer of finnish national coalition party politician Ville Rydman. Metro Helsinki 2019
Friend smoking electronic cigarette near Musta Härkä restaurant Mäkelänkatu Helsinki 2019
Paintings and shopping carts at the lounge of event center Tanhuhovi. The biggest event center (their own words) at southern Finland. Lohja 2019
Friend is turning 40 and we are celebrating it at his family cabin. Since being way too drunk i have no memories taking this shot. Lohja 2019
Cardboard Daniel Craig at Fredrikinkatu Helsinki 2018. The thing about Bond movies i usually wish the bad guy to win. All those plans ruined becose of that one agent. Other movies too. Die Hard 3 bank rob scene is great but the fact that drunk John McClane will soon ruin everything makes it almost unbearable to watch.
A6 zine 2018. 24 pages. Order a copy: jukkatilus (a)
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